Breakaway Cat Collars.
An engraved tag with your contact details attached to a quick release collar which pulls apart if your cat gets their collar stuck on anything will help your feline be identified should they go missing.” – Battersea Cats & Dogs Home

Your Haute Féline quick-release safety collar and personalised luxury ID pendant will assist in bringing your feline home if they have decided to venture off too far.

The Haute Féline personalised pendant shows anybody who finds your feline, at-a-glance, how to contact you and bring them safely home.

Wearing Haute Féline also advises onlookers that your feline is not a stray. Missing felines are often taken in by well-meaning individuals who see no collar and assume the feline must be a stray. Some may think your feline is simply outdoors, they may not realise they are lost.

Wearing a collar by Haute Féline is a demonstration of your love. Total assurance and the peace of mind to know your special friend can always find their way home.